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whatever_stuff ::: graphics & resources

[[ graphics . tutorials . layouts ]]
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WHATEVER_STUFF ::: icons, banners, layouts, tutorials, etc. ::: celebs, models, stock, text, etc.


Welcome to whatever_stuff. I decided to start a graphics community for all my graphics.

Please have a look and join the community!! =D

I update the communities interests when I post new things. There has been at least one 'batch' of icons or graphics for every celebrity in the communities interests.

Layout credit : snubbly
Rules & Info
01: Please credit if you use my graphics. Please link back to whatever_stuff

02: You need to join to see the entries. Entries will remain public for a few days, but then you will need to join to view the entries.

03: I will have 'member request' posts for members every once in a while!

04: Please comment!! You dont have to take any, I just like to know that people have looked.

05: Please only use graphics on LJ and forums. No other blog sites.

06: Do not edit any of my graphics. If you want text or anything added, just ask!

07: NO HOTLINKING. Upload all graphics to your own server! What Is Hotlinking?

How to credit icons:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Buttons & Promotion Layouts

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Community Links

Cant find the right celeb? Tags.

Want to see our affiliaties? See them here.

Want to be a affiliate? Comment here.

Owners awards #1 & #2. I no longer take part in icontests.